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How to register your hot tub on

Once you’ve made an account, the first time you log in, it’s gonna take you to this Profile page. And this is just standard profile stuff, but it’s gonna show that no Arctic spa hot tub has been registered to this user name. So you first need to register before you control it. Now so that’s first. So as long as your hot tub has been connected to your home network, what you do is you click on Register an Arctic Spa. If you haven’t gone through the steps to connect your tub to your home network, there’s some other help videos for that. But this one is assuming that the tub is connected to the network.

I’m just gonna click on Register Spa and it’s gonna come to this page. This sort of explains what it is, but basically when you hit Search, it is gonna search on your network for a tub. And if you go out to the tub, it will say R-E-G-C-O-N-F on the top side. Just push a couple of buttons. Push it once, it’ll say C-O-N-F. Push it again, and then what will happen is the spa will appear in the background here. And you’ll be able to click on Register, and then fill in the details from there.

So it’s fairly self-explanatory. Just the first time you do register a hot tub, you need to be on the same network as the hot tub. Just the first time, and then after that you’ll be able to connect to your spa from anywhere in the world.

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