Chlorine - Arctic Spas


Arctic Pure Cover and Cabinet Renew is a dual action formula that’s designed to work both on the vinyl hot tub cover, as well as the spa cabinetry and the cedar cabinetry of the Arctic Spa. It’s for an old sun-faded, dirty cover. It’s going to restore brilliance to it, clean it up, shine it up, as well as, it has a UV inhibitor, so it’s going to protect against sun damage.

It’s going to protect against that cracking that you can see on covers. Use it on a new cover, though, as well, because that protection is gonna protect the investment of the cover. It’s gonna make it last longer. For the cabinetry, I mean my cabinet’s pretty new here, but, you know, for older cabinets, it’ll restore some brilliance to it, give it a little luster, as well as add some protection as well, so UV protection.

So, I’ll do a little demonstration here of what you do on a hot tub cover. So you want to, basically, just clean off any excess dirt or dust that may be on the cover, any moisture, as well. Give it a clean. This one’s pretty clean already, but… Then, with a cloth, use the trigger sprayer. It makes it easy to apply. Apply it pretty liberally on the cover, then you want to just buff it out, polish it out. You can already tell it’s giving a nice shine to it already. Pour a little water here, so you can see that the water’s just gonna…just kind of beads off and protects the cover.

So it’s a great product. It can be worked on both cabinetry and the hot tub cover. It’s really a must for all Arctic hot tub users. It’s going to keep the cover looking nice, and make it last longer.